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Dan For Olathe School Board

My name is Dan Adera-Odhiambo. I am a dedicated  husband, father and uncle to many. I also cherish my role as a mentor and an active participant in many community events. As an active resident of the  vibrant community of Olathe KS, I humbly announce my candidacy for the Olathe School District Board of Education, District 1 Seat 1.

I am a strong believer and supporter of our public schools and firmly believe that our schools are instrumental for the well being of our  community. Public education serves as the catalyst for providing every child with an equal opportunity to pursue their aspirations and reach their full potential.

It is with deep humility that I  request your support and your vote for the Olathe School District 1 Seat 1. Together, we can bring positive change and harmony within our board of education. Let us join hands to create an environment that promotes inclusion for all, empowers our educators and fosters excellence for all our children. Let us join forces to shape a bright future for our community and ensure that our education system remains a source of inspiration and great opportunities.

Recent Positive Developments

  1. In May 2023, the board approved a new dress code that is designed to be more inclusive and to allow students more freedom of expression.
  2. In April 2023, the board approved a new budget that includes funding for new school construction and renovations.
  3. In February 2023, the board voted to approve a new teacher contract that includes a pay raise and improved benefits.
  4. In January 2023, the board voted to renew the district’s accreditation.

My Vision

  • I will look at District Funding and Budget Allocation.
  • I will champion for smaller class sizes.
  • I will Promote, Advance and Expand the 21st Century Program.
  • I will Promote Community Involvement and Advocacy.
  • I will support programs that help students succeed, such as after-school programs and summer school.
  • I will promote diversity within our School district.

Join Us

We are excited to have you join our campaign to make a difference in the lives of students in the Olathe School District. Together, we can work to ensure that all students have access to a quality education that prepares them for success in college and in different careers.


Changes Worth Fighting For.

We envision a future where Racism has no place and diversity is embraced by all.

We envision a future where the board can work in harmony for the benefit of the child.

We envision a future where Parents & Community at large will have a voice at the table.

We envision a future where highs school students graduate with real skills to face the ever-changing world.

We envision a future where the class size ratio is within the national guidelines of under 20 to 1 teacher.

We envision a future where our educators and support staff experience comfortable working conditions, and their dedication and hard work are allocated the support and resources they deserve.

Together, let’s work to ensure the future of our children is bright, the future of our district & community is safe, and the future of the nation is set to face the ever changing & challenging world through our children.

Stand with Our Campaign & bring your voice to the table.